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Led by alumni volunteers, NCCU Alumni Chapters exist to connect alumni, promote NCCU, and strengthen ties between alumni and their communities. Chapters participate in and host a wide variety events and offer opportunities for all levels of leadership.
Active Chapters
To support our mission, all active chapters meet these five standards:
  1. Ensure five members of the chapter are financial both locally and nationally by July 7, 2021 (This includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary)
  2. Submit an annual chapter information report (includes all chapter activities) at the Annual Meeting by July 16, 2021   [Below]
  3. Send financial report with June bank statement by July 30
  4. Contribute $500 toward NCCU Alumni Scholars Scholarship (if chapter is not participating in the Mr./Ms. Alumni Contest) by October 16
  5. Send a representative to every council meeting (See events page for dates and to register)

Note: This report combines the chapter information form and annual report. 

Chapter Information Report

Forms and Templates 

The NCCU Alumni Association revised its bylaws on July 17, 2021.  Click HERE to download/view.

Chapter Compliance (click HERE to download the NCCUAA Compliance letter)

Helpful Resources 
NCCUAA Brand Guidelines 
Alumni Leadership Summit Materials
Mr. and Ms. Contest & 2019 Alumni Awards Webinar
Let’s Talk About Membership Materials

Miscellaneous Materials

Please review the Zoom videos below for local chapter basic training.

Local Chapter Zoom Training Materials:  View/Download