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Alumni Leadership Summit Materials

Mr. and Ms. Contest & 2019 Alumni Awards Webinar

Let’s Talk About Membership Materials

July 2019 Annual Meeting Report 
(Note: Chapter President should submit their chapter report to the Regional Vice President)
Report covers the period of July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.
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Year End Chapter Reports & Documents – click here to access

Chapter Compliance
All chapters are required to meet six standards in order to be classified as an “active” chapter. The standards are:

  1. Five members (th1s includes President, Vice President, etc.) must be financial members of the local and National Alumni Association
  2. Submit an annual chapter report (includes all chapter activities) at the Annual Meeting held in July
  3. File a financial report with June bank statement by July 20
  4. Submit the chapter information form by the Annual Meeting in July
  5. Pay the $500 assessment, unless the chapter participates in the Mr./Ms. Alumni contest
  6. Send a representative to every council meeting (usually held in October, January, July)

Please review the Zoom videos below for local chapter basic training.

Local Chapter Zoom Training Materials:  View/Download