Led by alumni volunteers, NCCU Alumni Association’s local chapters exist to engage alumni, promote NCCU, and strengthen ties between alumni and their communities. Chapters participate in and host a wide variety of events and offer opportunities for all levels of leadership.
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Local NCCU Alumni Chapters

To support the NCCU Alumni Association’s mission, all local chapters must meet these five requirements:

  1. Ensure eight members of the chapter have paid their dues to both the local chapter and the NCCU Alumni Association by July 7 of every year. (This includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.)
  2. Submit an annual chapter information report. 
  3. Send financial report 
  4. Contribute $500 toward NCCU Alumni Scholars Scholarship (if chapter is not participating in the Mr./Ms. Alumni Contest) 
  5. Send a representative to every council meeting (See events page for dates and to register)

*Note requirements may be modified for newly chartered chapters. 

Click HERE to download the instructions to complete the above tasks.

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Our Bylaws Committee is available to assist chapter’s with parliamentary procedures. Please contact if you’d like to learn more. 

Helpful Resources 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alumni Contest Every chapter is encouraged to run a candidate in the annual competition or support one of the candidates. 
  • Every chapter that does not have a candidate in the competition will be required to pay $500 toward the NCCU Alumni Scholars scholarship. Local chapters can hold various fundraisers to raise the funds. 
NCCUAA Brand Guidelines 

Our brand is our muse, the face of our brand. The image is our wordmark and most recognizable brand asset. Please click the link to read more about our brand, the colors that should be used and how to properly display our logo. 

Branding Guide


Please review the Zoom videos below for local chapter basic training.