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About Us

About Us

Regional Vice President’s
Region I: Wil Bryant – rvpregionone@nccualumni.org
Includes: Virginia; Metro District of Columbia area; Baltimore, Maryland; Delaware; New York; New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Region II: Sandra Bryant Willis, Class of 1978 – rvpregiontwo@nccualumni.org
Includes: Central Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; St.Louis Metropolitan Area, Missouri

Region III: Dianne Pledger – rvpregionthree@nccualumni.org
Includes:  Alamance County/Burlington, NC; Charlotte, NC; Columbia Metro, SC; Greater Atlanta, GA; Greensboro, NC; South Ft Lauderdale/Miami, Florida; Winston-Salem, NC; Orange County, NC

Region IV: Mona Parks, Class of 1975 – rvpregionfour@nccualumni.org
Includes: Beaufort County, NC; Cape Fear Area, NC; Durham, NC; Elizabeth City, NC; Fayetteville, NC; Gold-Wayne, NC; Halifax-Northampton County, NC; Nash/Edgecombe County, NC; Northern Piedmont, NC; Nursing Alumni; Pitt County, NC; Raleigh-Wake, NC; Roxboro-Person County, NC; Sampson County, NC; Wilson, NC

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The NCCU Alumni Association became a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in October 1972.

The following is a list of all Presidents of the North Carolina Central Alumni Association:

President Class Term
 Richard L. McDougald*  1918  1925-1927
Dr. James M. Hubbard* 1915 1927-1929
Richard L. McDougald* 1918 1929-1936
George A. Harper* 1929 1936-1937
Dr. James M. Hubbard* 1915 1937-1939
Irwin R. Holmes* 1934 1940-1942
Asa T. Spaulding, Sr* 1925 1944-1951
James T. Taylor* 1917 1951-1954
Irwin R. Holmes* 1934 1954-1956
Thomas E. Malone* 1948 1956-1957
William W. Marsh, II 1953 1957-1961
George S. Nixon* 1953 1961-1964
Charles H. Strayhorne* 1956 1964-1966
Moses C. Burt, Jr.* 1953 1966-1967
Henry M. Michaux, Jr. 1952 1967-1970
William P. Evans* 1962 1970-1971
Lawrence G. Cooper, Jr.* 1954 1971-1977
Roger R. Gregory* 1971 1977-1982
Dora E. Carrington* 1959 1982-1986
Peggy M. Ward 1976 1986-1988
David L. Avery 1963 1988-1992
Ronald H. Gantt* 1973 1992-1994
Roger R. Gregory* 1971 1994-1998
Kay Thompson Thomas 1966 1998-2002
Melvin F. White 1970 2002-2006
Richard D. Smith 1981 2006-2010
Tania B. Davis 1994 2010-2014
Calvin Kearney 1971 2014-2015
David L. Avery 1963 2015-2016
Samuel E. Cooper 1980 2016-2020
Tomeika A. Bowden 2000 2020-Present


This history of the North Carolina Central University Alumni is marked by friendship, fellowship, continual growth and fierce school pride.  North Carolina Central University, a state-supported liberal arts institution, was chartered in 1909 as a private institution and opened to students on July 10, 1910.  It was founded by Dr. James E. Shepard.  From the beginning, when it was known as the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua, it’s purpose has been the development in young men and women of the character and sound academic training requisite for real service to the nation.  To this end, the training of all students has been entrusted to the most capable teachers available.

In 1915 the school was sold and reorganized, then becoming the National Training School.  During this period of its history, Mrs. Russell Sage of New York was a generous benefactor of the school.

In 1923 the General Assembly of North Carolina appropriated funds for the purchase and maintenance of the school; thus in that year it became a publicly-supported institution, and was renamed Durham State Normal School.  Two years later, the General Assembly converted the institution into the North Carolina College for Negroes, dedicating it to the offering of liberal arts education and the preparation of teachers and principals of secondary schools.  North Carolina College for Negroes became the nation’s first state-supported liberal arts college for African-American students.

At its 1927 session, the General Assembly began a program of expansion of the college plant to conform to the needs of an enlarged academic program.  The interest of the Honorable Angus W. McLean, the Governor of North Carolina, and his belief in the institution aided greatly in the promotion of this program.  State appropriations were supplemented by a generous gift from B. N. Duke, and contributions from citizens of Durham in 1929.  The 1930’s afforded federal grants and State appropriations for a new program of physical expansion and improvement of educational facilities; this program continued until the beginning of World War II.

Little is known about the first alumni meeting or chapter, but the NCCU Alumni Association was founded in 1925, committed to supporting the University, our students and alumni.  



The sloping hills, the verdant green,
The lovely blossoms’ beauteous sheen
Surround our college proud and gay,
Where wave our colors, Maroon and Gray.
What matters it how far we roam?
Our thoughts will oft return to home,
And hearts will e’er be true to thee,
Our Alma Mater, N.C.C.
Then Rah! Rah! Rah! For our colors so gay!
Dear old N.C.C.’s Maroon and Gray;
Thy sons and daughters will honor thee,
Dear old N.C.C.
We’ve gathered here to fit our lives,
As from the darkness light revives,
So let us hail, both night and day,
Our glorious colors, Maroon and Gray.
We’ll ever love and honor thee,
For thou hast taught us loyalty.
Then let our watchword “service” be,
To Alma Mater, N.C.C.
You send us forth with hearts of love;
So like a blessing from above,
And from the path we’ll never stray,
Our dear Alma Mater, Maroon and Gray.
We’ll work and fight, we’ll win our way.
When duty calls, we shall obey.
And may we e’er return to thee,
Our Alma Mater, N.C.C!

 To view/download our Association ByLaws, click HERE. The NCCU Alumni Association revised its bylaws on July 17, 2021.