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Welcome NCCU Alumni

History of the NCCU Alumni Association

We’re a proud, elite group of people that even after our time at NCCU, we remain tied to it—and each other. As proud members of the NCCU Alumni Association, we volunteer, network, give, and share the spirit of ‘Dear Old NCC’ throughout our lives.

NCCUAA 2020 Elected Officers

Dear NCCU Alumni,

My name is Tomeika Bowden and I am excited to serve as the President of the NCCU Alumni Association for the next two years. I stand on the shoulders of a line of very dedicated alumni presidents that live the Eagle Promise. I’m excited to work beside Vice President Kian Brown and Secretary Leslie Pittman-Thomas, the four Regional Vice Presidents, and all the Chapter Leaders. Each of whom brings distinct gifts to our organization.

To view our new officers visit our About Us page or read the complete press release by clicking HERE.

National Officers

Together, we can create more opportunities to engage with and support NCCU and local communities throughout the country.

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC)

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC) is a special committee within The National North Carolina Central University Alumni Association (NCCUAA) that works with NCCU students, alumni and the community to: (1) educate on the policy issues that impact Black and Brown people; (2) register people to vote and (3) increase voter participation in every election.

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Your Vote Matters
Register to Vote here: https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/
Confirmed you are registered to vote here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/

Scholarship & Awards

NCCU Alumni Association offers several scholarships to NCCU students and awards to NCCU alumni.

Join Today!

By joining the NCCU Alumni Association, you will join a worldwide network of more than 37,000 loyal NCCU Eagles! Whether you live in Los Angeles, California or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you are never far from Durham, North Carolina.  As a member of the Alumni Association, you’re always close to friends.  We’re an accomplished network that has a fierce sense of pride.

Note: The individual is responsible for paying local chapter dues to the chapter closest to where he/she/they reside.


One & Done

Become a member through the One & Done Campaign. This campaign is making it easier for alumni and friends to join. Here’s how it works: Pay $100 and you get a one-year membership to the NCCU National Alumni Association, a one-year membership to your local NCCU chapter, and a donation will be made to the university in your name. You get all that for $100. Will you become ONE?

Annual National Alumni Membership

Membership is $50 a year and valid for 12 months from the date you join.

Life Membership

Life Membership is $1,000 and can be paid in one or multiple installments over two years.

Young Alumni Membership

Young alumni membership is $35 and for NCCU graduates from the classes of 2009-2018. Membership is for one year from the date of payment.

Recent Graduate Membership

Recent graduates receive a one-year complimentary membership with the National Alumni Association. The complimentary membership starts on graduation day and expires on the same day the following. These individuals graduated in May (current year) or December (last year)..

Associate Membership

Associate membership is $25 and for individuals with an active interest in promoting the welfare of the University and its alumni. Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of payment. Contact Jacqueline Brodie at jbrodie@nccu.edu or (919) 530-5222 to purchase this membership option.

Alumni Chapter Directory

From New York City to Los Angeles, there are more than 50 alumni chapters across the United States. Through numerous activities and events each year, our network of regional alumni chapters offer NCCU graduates and friends with endless opportunities to network, assist their local communities, and recruit top students to attend North Carolina Central University.

To download/view our entire Chapter Directory, click here!

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