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The Executive Board, made up the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, are the elected leadership of the NCCU Alumni Association.  They accomplish the work through committees which are open to all active NCCU alumni who would like to get involved in the life and success of NCCU and its students.  

Active participation is required for all committees. Time commitment is approximately 5 hours/month on average, but work will increase to 5-10 hours a month during peak times.

Learn how you can get involved by contacting us at info@nccualumni.org.  

Executive Committee

Member limit: 12, includes the Assistant Secretary, Parliamentarian, the Director of Alumni Relations, and the Legal Advisor.

Who may join: Alumni Council term members are elected to this committee

Purpose: Prepare and present an annual program for the Association, oversee all standing and special committees of the Council, receive (but not approve or adopt) appropriate reports from the other standing and special committees of the Council, oversee the preparation of the agendas for Council Meetings, the Annual Meeting/National Convention and oversee budget expenditures as approved by the Alumni Council/Association. 

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Nominations Committee

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Chair is selected by the Executive Committee, Director of Alumni Relations, and financial members of the Alumni Association

Purpose: Prepare a list of nominees for all offices of the Association and members at large of the Alumni Council.  

Time commitment: 1 hour/month (more during election years).  Elections are held during even number years (ex. 2022, 2024) 

Alumni Scholarships Committee

Member limit:

Who may join: Director of Admissions, Director of Alumni Relations Members, and members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose: Recommend to the Council the students to receive financial aid through the Alumni Scholarship program and the amount of aid each shall receive, the standards, policies, and procedures by which the scholarships are available and the amount of money that should be allocated to scholarship.

Time Commitment: 1 hour/month 

Budget and Finance Committee 

Member limit: 6

Who may join: Treasurer of the Association, Chair of the Fundraising Committee, and members of the NCCU Alumni Association

Purpose: Prepare a budget for the fiscal year, to provide liaison between the National Fundraising leadership and the Council, to report to the Council on the progress of the fund drive, to consider recommendations for allocation of unrestricted contributions to the Alumni Fund, and to advise the President and the Council on matters of fiscal policy. Also, the Committee will conduct an annual review of the adequacy of the Association’s internal financial controls; review with the Association’s independent public accountants the annual audit program and the Association’s financial statements for presentation to the Executive Committee; and recommend to the Executive Committee the selection of the Association’s independent public accountants.

Time Commitment: 1 hour/month

Student Employment, Engagement and Mentoring (SEEM) Committee
Member limit: 7
Who may join: Chair is appointed by the President, Director of Alumni Relations, and financial members of the Alumni Association
Purpose: To engage in activities to assist NCCU students and the NCCU Career and Professional Development Center with developing strategies to secure partnerships and reestablish relationships with key government and industry entities; identify internship and employment opportunities and areas of high demand based upon industry employment trends; and collaborate in developing publicity and promotion for employment drive(s) to assist NCCU students and/or graduates in securing internships, fellowships and/or permanent employment.
Time commitment: 1 hour/month.  

Memorials and Awards Committee

Member Limit:

Who may join:  2-3 members that currently serve on the Committee and members of the NCCU Alumni Association

Purpose: Select the recipients of awards. Make recommendations to the Council about the standards, policies, and procedures for Alumni Awards; to codify these standards, policies and procedures in writing; and to maintain complete records, to be regarded as confidential, on all individuals considered for an award. Plan and host the Alumni Memorials and Awards event. Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Homecoming/Alumni Weekend Committee

Member limit: 4

Who may join: One member of the Alumni Council and members of the Alumni Association

Purpose: To plan and carry out alumni activities during Homecoming Weekend and Alumni Weekend; to serve as liaison and coordinate activities with the student committee on Homecoming; to publicize Homecoming and promote alumni attendance; and to seek ways to improve Homecoming and foster interest and participation by alumni.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Bylaws Committee

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose: Receive recommendations for additions/changes in these Bylaws from the active members/chapters and to make periodic reports to the Council regarding any recommendations or findings it might have. The Committee shall make restatements of the Bylaws as needed upon the approval of the Alumni Council.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Fundraising Committee

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association

Purpose: Submit recommendations for the development and coordination of the Association’s programs as related to fundraising and other activities, which help or assist the Association in attaining its financial objectives.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Membership Committee 

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose: Advise the Association on strategies to solicit new members and memberships; publicity and promotion for membership drives; and the reclamation of inactive members.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Resolution Committee

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose: Screen and formulate recommendations on all resolutions, those duly submitted and those designated as Emergency Resolutions; present their recommendations to the Executive Committee and membership; develop new resolutions to be presented to the Executive Committee and communicate with affected members to solicit comments and feedback on the proposed resolution; share feedback with the Executive Committee; and prepare or refine a rationale for each new resolution, including its impact on the Association.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Truth and Service Committee

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose: Lead the Association in opportunities to give back to the University and our local communities; focus on enhancing the Association’s culture of giving back to the university by identifying opportunities and strategies to promote alumni giving through events and volunteer opportunities; make meaningful connections with alumni and alumni supporters to obtain charitable donations; advise on messaging pertaining to giving back to the university and partner with diverse campaigns to disseminate their message; and review current initiatives to give back to the university and how they can be revised for greater impact.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Audit Committee 

Member limit: 5

Who may join: Members of the NCCU Alumni Association 

Purpose:  Responsible for the review of the association’s accounting process; making recommendations for changes/modifications in record keeping and financial reporting; and encompasses oversight responsibilities, including fraud prevention and ethics. The Audit Committee, at the close of each fiscal year, shall conduct an internal audit of the records of the Treasurer. Records shall be audited after each election and prior to the start of the new administration on July 1. The Audit Committee should oversee the accuracy of the Association’s financial statements and reports. The Committee may also be charged with auditing the expenses of the President, Executive Board, and all transactions of the NCCU Alumni Association. Additionally, the Audit Committee will choose the auditors.

Time commitment: 1 hour/month 

Marketing/Communications Committee

Member Limit: 5

Who may join:  Members of the NCCU Alumni Association

Purpose: Manage the Association’s digital channels, promote and highlight alumni activities, and support event planning 

Time commitment: 2 hours/month


Member Limit: Unlimited

Who may join:  Members of the NCCU Alumni Association

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC)

Objective: Create a unified and sustainable mobilization blueprint for civic engagement and advocacy to maximize voter participation for faith-based organizations, non-partisan community-based organizations, the Divine Nine, and HBCU alumni and students. During the first phase, a “North Carolina Centric Ground Game” is being executed.

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC) is a special committee within The National North Carolina Central University Alumni Association (NCCUAA) that works with NCCU students, alumni and the community to: (1) educate on the policy issues that impact Black and Brown people; (2) register people to vote and (3) increase voter participation in every election.

The Objective of the NCCUAA Model is:

Alumni Engagement – Proactive participation of Alumni Chapters in nonpartisan activities designed to educate, organize, mobilize and empower members to use their voices and presence during and throughout each election cycle to engage with elected officials at the local, state and national levels in a strategic and unified manner, demanding accountability and support by our elected officials; and

Student Engagement – Proactive participation of Alumni Chapters in advocacy activities designed to provide plans and strategies for the nonpartisan civic engagement of students in the democratic process that maximizes their effectiveness and efficiency.

Your Vote Matters

Register to Vote here: https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/

Confirmed you are registered to vote here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/


The Issues

COVID-19 has only served to unmask inequities that have existed for hundreds of years. We must work year-round to dismantle barriers that prevent Black communities from exercising their right to vote to reform inequalities in our public schools, criminal justice system, and economic opportunity.

Voting Rights
Educational Equality
Economic Equality and Access to Capital
Criminal Justice Reform

How Can Alumni Chapters or Alumni Get Involved?

  • Create a standing CEAC within your chapter. The committee should focus on voter registration, education and mobilization
  • Participate in NAACP meetings to keep your organization abreast of its civic engagement activities
  • Committee members should track their volunteer hours and volunteer 8-24 hours every election cycle
  • Volunteer with the NAACP, Board of Elections, or other nonpartisan organizations (e.g., When We All Vote)
  • Track your volunteer hours and program activities and share your information and event announcements with the association

Learn more, visit http://greaterdiversity.com/call-to-colors/ and http://greaterdiversity.com/student-engagement/.

Meet the NCCUAA CEAC TEAM by clicking HERE.

For additional information about the NCCUAA CEAC contact:

North Carolina Central University Alumni Association, Inc.
2223 Fayetteville Street
Durham, NC 27707

Geraldine Norris Simmons
Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee
(336) 362-0601/cell

Time commitment: 1 hour/month