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CEAC – The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee

CEAC – The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC)

Objective: Create a unified and sustainable mobilization blueprint for civic engagement and advocacy to maximize voter participation for faith-based organizations, non-partisan community-based organizations, the Divine Nine, and HBCU alumni and students. During the first phase, a “North Carolina Centric Ground Game” is being executed.

The Civic Engagement & Advocacy Committee (CEAC) is a special committee within The National North Carolina Central University Alumni Association (NCCUAA) that works with NCCU students, alumni and the community to: (1) educate on the policy issues that impact Black and Brown people; (2) register people to vote and (3) increase voter participation in every election.

The Objective of the NCCUAA Model is:

Alumni Engagement – Proactive participation of Alumni Chapters in nonpartisan activities designed to educate, organize, mobilize and empower members to use their voices and presence during and throughout each election cycle to engage with elected officials at the local, state and national levels in a strategic and unified manner, demanding accountability and support by our elected officials; and

Student Engagement – Proactive participation of Alumni Chapters in advocacy activities designed to provide plans and strategies for the nonpartisan civic engagement of students in the democratic process that maximizes their effectiveness and efficiency.

Your Vote Matters

Register to Vote here: https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/

Confirmed you are registered to vote here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/


The Issues

COVID-19 has only served to unmask inequities that have existed for hundreds of years. We must work year-round to dismantle barriers that prevent Black communities from exercising their right to vote to reform inequalities in our public schools, criminal justice system, and economic opportunity.

Voting Rights
Educational Equality
Economic Equality and Access to Capital
Criminal Justice Reform

How Can Alumni Chapters or Alumni Get Involved?

  • Create a standing CEAC within your chapter. The committee should focus on voter registration, education and mobilization
  • Participate in NAACP meetings to keep your organization abreast of its civic engagement activities
  • Committee members should track their volunteer hours and volunteer 8-24 hours every election cycle
  • Volunteer with the NAACP, Board of Elections, or other nonpartisan organizations (e.g., When We All Vote)
  • Track your volunteer hours and program activities and share your information and event announcements with the association

Learn more, visit http://greaterdiversity.com/call-to-colors/ and http://greaterdiversity.com/student-engagement/.

Meet the NCCUAA CEAC TEAM by clicking HERE.

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