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Annual Alumni Awards Winners

The Memorials and Awards Committee Announce

North Carolina Central University Alumni Association 2018 NCCU Alumni Awards Recipients!

1. Volunteer of the Year Award – Clif Lavenhouse (Raleigh/Wake)
2. Alumni Founders Award – Sam McCoy Parham (Baltimore)
3. Distinguished Alumni Award – Raheesha Amon (NY Metro)
4. Chapter of the Year Award – Greensboro Chapter
5. Alumnus of the Year Award – Pam Hester (Durham)
6. Truth & Service Award – Michelle Dean Gaston (Metro DC)

President’s Award:

  • Alumnae of the Year – Nikia Davis Green
  • NCCU Administrator of the Year – Kimberly Phifer-McGhee
  • NCCU Faculty Member of the Year – Dr. Ira Wiggins
  • NCCU Staff Member of the Year – Jonathan Leach

Submissions for the awards have ENDED!

Please note the following instructions and guidelines:

1. All nominees must be financial locally and nationally.
2. All awardees are expected to attend the Annual Awards Dinner.
3. Photograph (clear headshot) of each nominee must be included.
4. Forms and photos should be submitted electronically to:

Click HERE to download the “Award Application”. The application should be submitted using the email address above.