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North Carolina Central University Alumni Association offers several scholarships to students at NCCU. The scholarships vary in amount and may be renewable for up to four years. Though the majority of the National Alumni Scholarship awards made annually will be to incoming freshman students, applications are acceptable from any student regardless of classification or academic interest. Recipients of these awards are designated as National Alumni Scholars. All National Alumni Scholars are required to carry a full class load. The deadline to submit an application is March 15. Notification will get mailed on May 15.

This year, the NCCU Alumni Association awarded scholarships to nine students: three in their first year; two in their second year; and three students in their final year of undergraduate studies.

Download the Scholarship Application here.

Current National Alumni Scholars must complete this Renewal Form to be considered for receiving the scholarship again.

To read about our 2018-19 National Alumni Scholars click HERE.