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Executive Leadership

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Executive Council
Samuel Cooper, Class of 1980, President – samual.cooper@nccualumni.org
Tomeika Bowden – Class of 2000, Vice-President – news@nccualumni.org
Chevella Thomas – Class of 1982, 2004, 2006, Treasurer – cthomas@nccualumni.org
Angela Smith – Class of 1989 – Assistant Treasurer – aswall89@aol.com
Lesley Pittman-Thomas – Secretary – le_pittman@hotmail.com
David L. Avery – Class of 1963 – Immediate Past President – dlavery6@verizon.net

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Executive Committee Members
Jacqueline Beatty-Smith – Class of 1979 – jmbeatty@verizon.net
John M. Ray, Jr. – Class of 1995 – jrayjr@live.com

Regional Vice President’s
Region I: Betty L. Holloway, Class of 1970 – holb1748@aol.com
District of Columbia
New York
New Jersey

Region II: Sandra Bryant Willis, Class of 19XX – sbwillis@prodigy.net
Midwest and West states

Region III: Kellie Anderson, Class of 19XX – kelliea.anderson@gmail.com
Cities/Towns west of Durham, NC

Region IV: Mona Parks, Class of 1975 – monaparks1@gmail.com
Durham and all cities/towns east in North Carolina