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Alma Mater


The sloping hills, the verdant green,
The lovely blossoms’ beauteous sheen
Surround our college proud and gay,
Where wave our colors, Maroon and Gray.
What matters it how far we roam?
Our thoughts will oft return to home,
And hearts will e’er be true to thee,
Our Alma Mater, N.C.C.
Then Rah! Rah! Rah! For our colors so gay!
Dear old N.C.C.’s Maroon and Gray;
Thy sons and daughters will honor thee,
Dear old N.C.C.
We’ve gathered here to fit our lives,
As from the darkness light revives,
So let us hail, both night and day,
Our glorious colors, Maroon and Gray.
We’ll ever love and honor thee,
For thou hast taught us loyalty.
Then let our watchword “service” be,
To Alma Mater, N.C.C.
You send us forth with hearts of love;
So like a blessing from above,
And from the path we’ll never stray,
Our dear Alma Mater, Maroon and Gray.
We’ll work and fight, we’ll win our way.
When duty calls, we shall obey.
And may we e’er return to thee,
Our Alma Mater, N.C.C!